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Well, let's see, does lifting heavy stuff count? I said on the home page, I'm a generalist. I once had someone say about me "if you want to invade a small country, call Kevin, I'm pretty sure he can make it happen."

I'm also a realist, there are definitely better designers in the world, and better developers. But, if you want someone that has an extensive skill set across a bunch of different disciplines, I'm your guy. I also have great business and problem solving skills, so I can not only get the site/app built, but help you identify your business goals for it, and come up with a path to help you reach those goals.

I have also developed a myriad of contacts that we often tap to get stuff done that we might not handle in house.

So, the answer to "can you do..." is almost always a "yes."

Here are some highlights of what we typically offer and deliver: