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What Defines a Company?

...and makes it great?

After more than 20 years, I've decided that I want to do business differently. Sure, I could add a bunch of marketing language here to try to convince you that I'm the best out there and that there are no other choices for your business. We both know that neither of those things are true. There will always be someone better, no matter what it is that we do.

So why do business with beartoothweb? I run my business the way that I try to do everything else in my life: with integrity, care, fairness, honesty, and commitment. My clients are also my friends, and I treat them accordingly, doing the best I can at all times.

You can check out my capabilities and pricing, as well as some current and past work I've completed.

We'd love to work with you, please contact me to discuss your project.

I'm a generalist. I'm one of those guys that always has something going, and usually 5 or 6 "somethings". If you want to learn a bit more about what makes me tick, feel free to check out some of my other interests and ventures, and the various social media connections below.

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subduethesloth - a new fitness website and app we're working on

corvinacove - our vacation rental in Orlando, Florida